2020-06-28 Dearest J, please don’t take any chance to compromise your health. I do not need titles, they are burned into my heart. Are you interested translations? Some of my translations are published. Latin, English and Hungarian. I completed translating a poem by Endre Ady, 1877-1919, a great Hungarian poet. His love of a woman was almost as intense as mine is. I wanted to write manic, perhaps his was, but mine is intense, it is nicer word. Amazingly it takes us back to the AD. 64 era, to Nero. To celebrate our first date, (What a beautiful, exciting idea! Whenever that would take place!), I offer you the first copy of The Great Fire of Rome, 64 AD, where you find a note about my very modest contribution. I would sign your copy for a kiss, and would perform great, Herculean tasks for the author Dr. Tony Barrett’s. But there is one very much more important idea is in my mind: I am very concerned about your health, your sacrifice is most noble, but please do not make it a – sacrifice – please take all the precautions. Let me know if I can help. I cannot ask anyone about your well being. I find that very, extremely difficult. Please stay out of harms way. Now, I will go and pray to the God, gods I am familiar with, for your safety. I will be on the level with them, although they ripped into me at age twelve, taking my mother, then on my twenty-first birthday my father too. They should have pity on me and present me to you, as a most worthwhile, deserving lover. You lips are the most beautiful, desirable in this world, and in any other worlds, the shine of your hair illuminates my nights. J, I miss you. K.

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