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You are mistaken, there were years when the size of the fonts were appropriate, most of those years are behind me. I am only a hundred and forty pounds, five-eleven, I did not want to address the world with those big, bold letters. But since I am here: my name is Karoly (Karl) Sandor. Karoly, is a Hungarian Charles, born in Budapest, Hungary. I will have few words about myself from a copied page, lifted from my previous website location. I am married. We have two daughters, one is a student with a special science degree, the other is a judge. Have a cat, who is running the household and would be hard to live without. I will have an incomplete bibliography on this page; I have to master this, for me a new word processing program. I write poetry, published, short stories, 3 novels, unpublished, radio plays, CBC, read from my works on CBC, and Public Radio. My play, The Argument, was produced by the Arts Club Theatre, in Vancouver, BC. In 1956, I, as a Hungarian army officer joined the Hungarian revolution. Soon after, we attempted, had to leave the country, were captured by a Russian border patrol, jailed, escaped from the railway station before being shipped out to an unknown destination, we crossed the border to Austria, to England, to Canada in 1957. We lived six months in England, two years in Edmonton, then, in 1959 moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. World, without limitless yearning for LOVE, I would not be here. Karoly (Karl) Sandor. More, later, if gods willing.

BIBLIOGRAPHY  on request:
Publications- broadcasts, author: Karoly (Karl) Sandor
Poems:                                                                                Translations:                       
Translation of the poems:  translated from Latin into English:                    Translations of poems from Hungarian into English:
Translation of the script of the Hungarian movie, – Az Iglói Diákok, –   (also dubbed into English).
Six CBC Radio Broadcasts, Karl Sandor’s Poetry, read by the author:  CBC Radio plays by Karl Sandor, produced by CBC: Read by the author:   Short Stories: CBC Literary Programs. Read by the author:
 The Argument, my play produced by the Arts Club Theater, in Vancouver.                                                                                                                                                
Presently I am working on a libretto for the opera Vimas, based on my short story, (produced by CBC, in its radio drama form), composer Dr. Zoltan Paulinyi, first viola of the Brazilian State Symphony Orchestra; on songs and poems for J, and on a volume of my poems.   My 330, page novel, that I wrote for twenty-five years, completed in 2020, is having the last read by editor Dr. J.D.S.R.                                           

Additional comments:

In Agrippina , the author, professor Anthony A. Barrett gave credit for “The completed version was read by my friend Karl Sandor, who offered a number of insightful suggestions“. (Foreword, XVI)
In Livia, First Lady of Imperial Rome – By Anthony A. Barrett, page XIII, My friend Karl Sandor read through the finished manuscript and made several observations, invariably to the point and invaluable.
Anthony A. Barrett gave credit for the work I done on his Rome Is Burning, The Great Fire of AD.64. being published by the Princeton University Press, 2020-Nov.

Biographical note: Karoly Sandor was born in Budapest, Hungary.

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